Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead means you only pay when you get a prospect inquiry. Pay Per Lead is a new concept in lead generation.

Basically, you pay for a lead as it occurs, and when a prospective client is actually looking for your product or service.

How To Get Qualified Customers?

It is difficult for many businesses to find qualified clients. In the digital age, it is even harder to find customers. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on advertising campaigns; it is virtually impossible to make sure that the ads reach the right people.

Marketing perspective, “leads” could be used to describe anyone interested in a brand’s offerings. You can find leads in many ways.

Brands make the most common marketing mistake of thinking that all leads are equal. The quality of your leads is far more important than the quantity when it comes to finding clients/customers for your product or services.

Consider this: How many potential clients would be attracted to your ad if it were to appear in 100 people’s feeds? It would depend on the product.

Here is where the importance of finding qualified leads comes in. There is an ideal client persona for every brand. Knowing your target audience is important. Trendy jewelry companies will target young women who are interested in fashion. A company selling auto body parts will appeal to people with an interest in cars.

How do you generate leads? the most common question we get asked by our potential clients.

Firstly, we’d like to make it absolutely clear that we possess no “secret knowledge”, nor is there an overly complicated methodology involved in our processes. We generate leads through various well-known pay-per-click (predominantly via Google Ads and Bing Ads) along with Digital / social media platforms.

The key to our success and the main difference between US and other lead generation agencies is that we have been professionally managing numerous online lead generation campaigns since 2014.

This doesn’t necessarily make us the best lead generation company in Pakistan, but it definitely guarantees that we know the most cost-effective lead generation funnels, latest lead generation techniques and best practices, inside-out.

How our lead generation work for you?

Our ultimate goal is to develop a tailored lead generation campaign which is built around your business objectives and has the intention of generating leads that are ready to “strike a deal”, so you basically just need to close the sale.

Initially, we start by collaborating with you (and your sales team) by asking about your previous experience with leads. We would then carry out extensive research and analysis, so that even before we commence putting your campaign together, we know exactly who your online competitors are, who your ideal customer is, where they spend time and how they behave online.

One of the most important parts of our lead generation service is a dedicated website (or landing page). Based on our research findings, we will build a website that not only showcases your products and services, but also educates and guides prospective clients to taking the next step, ultimately converting them into leads.

Our aim is to retain you as a customer for as long as possible, so our job is keeping you satisfied by generating leads that meet your expectations



We can bypass un-qualified calls with our pay per lead advertising techniques.

Do not confuse this with pay per lead affiliate programs or networks. PPL is also called Pay Per Call or Lead Generation.

If you’re tired of not seeing results and want to pay for quality leads, just drop email to us- and we’ll have a conversation. Results are guaranteed, so no risk. Only Pay Per Lead